Spring 2023 Update

The latest news about the Kilns Estate Carramar in October 2023.

Spring 2023 Update

Regional Open Days September 2023

  • Aimed at country folk, particularly farmers.
  • Good attendance and very good onsite feedback.
We intend to continue to promote to the farming communities, in particular through the Dowerin field day next year. The ‘hands-on’ practical experience of retired or semi-retired farmers would be an invaluable addition to the residential community at The Kilns. There were persons with other useful skills at the Regional Open Days, such as carpenters and diesel mechanics, who of course, would be welcome community additions – as would anyone with ‘hands on’ skills.

Registrations of Interest

Currently, we have some 1500 registrations of interest (through the website). We confirm what we have previously advised – that those formally registered will be given first notification when blocks become available for purchase.

First Stage of Construction

We are planning to release the 650 lots (on the 250-acre estate) in 2 stages only. The first stage will be the lots furthest away from the Mens Sheds complex (see attached map of subdivision) and major parkland area. The stage will be around 250 lots and will comprise as follows:
  • Approximately 130 bushland lots of 2000m2 each (leaving only around 25 bushland lots of 2000m2 in stage 2)
  • Approximately 90 elevated lots overlooking the “greenspine” and other parklands. Ranges from 300m2 to 530m2 – average around 400m2.
  • Approximately 30 lots, typically 300m2 to 400m2, adjacent to but without direct frontage to parklands.
We are expecting construction to start around May/ June 2024 and lots to be finished with landscaping completed by July/August 2025 ready for sale.

Green Space & Amenity

The site is some 250 acres (100ha) in total, with over 70 acres of landscaped open space. That’s some 30% of the estate – well above the 10% norm in Perth’s regular subdivisions. The quality and the quantity of the green space not only promises superior amenity but should hold the potential for superior capital gains for the whole estate. Within the Green Space of 70 acres, the following facilities have or will be constructed:
Mens Shed Complex
Men Shed Complex
  • Woodwork shed
  • Metal work shed
  • Community meeting room and commercial-grade kitchen
  • Pizza oven & outdoor furniture
  • Maintenance shed
  • Playground for children
It is intended the Mens Sheds will run practical education workshops for youth e.g., welding, woodwork, and other life skills such as changing a tyre, basic vehicle and engine maintenance requisite skills for outback camping etc.
Storage Sheds
  • Sheds totalling floor space of 4500m built. (Replacement cost today ≈ $4m)
  • Some 450 10ft & 20ft containers to be installed in due course for rent to HOA members.
  • Heavy-duty forklift will be purchased prior to renting commencing.
  • Heavy machinery maintenance section at the far end of one shed. Offices in the mezzanine floor.
  • Greenwalls installed on both sheds to improve visual amenity.
  • Home Owners Association (HOA) will manage. Mezzanine floor Offices already built and fitted out for HOA Management to utilise.
Bores & Irrigation
  • 2 bores capable of 70,000 litres/hr with high-quality pumps installed.
  • Comprehensive irrigation reticulation systems.
  • Two permanent high-speed fill points for regional firefighting emergencies.
  • High-capacity backup generator installed to protect the power supply in the event of Western Power supply failure e.g., a major regional fire event.
4 or 5 gazebos to be strategically located on greenspine and other pathways to be installed. Water misting devices placed within each gazebo for hot weather relief.
  • Two playgrounds are to be installed.
  • One adjacent to the Mens & Community shed complex.
  • One within the Greenspine precinct.
Tennis & Basketball Courts
  • To be installed near to the Mens Shed complex.
  • Lighting is to be installed on the courts.

Subdivision Plan

A copy of the current subdivision plan is attached.

Stage 1 is depicted in yellow.


Not surprisingly, we have a constant inquiry as to the pricing of lots. In short, we will “meet the market” when we are selling. Indicatively at present, we see pricing as follows for stage 1:
  • 2000m2 lots – $500k to $1m
  • Greenspine lots – $400k to $450k
  • Non parkland lots $350k



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