Summer 2023 Update

In short, a difficult year with COVID and severe supply site constraints (civil contractors, suppliers of blocks for retaining walls, labour shortage etc) and inflation building:

Year in review

A severe shortage of limestone retaining walls blocks (we need about 300 000) and civil contractors with little or no capacity and a shortage of skilled labour, forced us to defer the commencement of stage 1. civil works of totalling some 350 lots.

It is unlikely that stage 1 will now commence before the expiration of another 12months. i.e January 2024 is likely to be the earliest start date with lots available around April 2025.

This is disappointing for us and no doubt the large number of people registered with an intent in purchasing blocks- but there is little we can do about it.

Progress calendar 2022

Despite of the constraints outlined above, significant progress has been made in a number of areas.

The two storage sheds of some 4500m2 have been completed adjacent to Flynn Drive. The primary purpose of these storage sheds is to home around 450 10ft containers for storage of house owners property. The sheds will be managed by the home owners associations (HOA) and will be a significant source of revenue for enduring maintenance of the sites gardens and recreation facilities.

The storage shed complex would now have a relevant cost of well over 4 million. Green walls have been installed on both sheds. Solar panels have been installed on one of these sheds and now provides significant power for the irrigation bores in particular.

Often investment properties are rented out, but “flipping” involves quickly reselling a property, sometimes taking advantage of arbitrage or quickly rising value, and sometimes after repairs are made that substantially raise the value of the property.

The best timber from clearing of the roads network (now completed) has been milled into planks for furniture construction and logs for playground etc. The balance of timber will be cut up and stored for firewood. Management of the timber (now stored in the sheds) will be undertaken by the Mens Shed management group in due course.

Extensive replanting of blackboys (from road clearing etc)  continues on a strategic basis in accordance with the site master plan.

So far, 275 of those grasstrees have been transplanted with a loss of only 22 to date – a good result. We expect to transplant another 200 over the next 2 years.



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