The Kilns Update – January 2022

The owners and developers of the Kilns wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year. With the new year now upon us we wanted to keep you informed of the progress that has taken place at the Kilns over the last 12 months and provide you with what is in store for the project in 2022 and beyond. As you would be aware COVID 19 has had a major impact, even in WA, on our ability to plan ahead with any reasonable degree of certainty. We regret that this may have in some cases left you with uncertainty as to the timing of development of this project.

Development of Project in 2021/2022/2023

Future Road network

In 2021 we have cleared all the road alignments, including small realignment and refinement of road/ boundary corridors so that we can carefully retain and enhance key quality vegetation and views. We have actually reduced the number of proposed lots by 9 in order to retain vegetation/improve amenity. We have also committed to substantively ‘weed out’ of the bush lots weed species – these will be replaced as appropriate this winter and the winter of 2023. Pruning of large trees on bush lots will also commence this winter using Dickies Tree Services.

Private Open Space enhancements

As part of our estate enhancements, we have transplanted over 200 grass trees from the centre of roads to high presentation areas including the estate entry and private open space areas. That process will continue through the winter of 2022.

Our landscape team have been busy caring for and maintaining the already completed private open space areas, the relatively wet winter and late spring delivered a fantastic and long-lasting display of wildflowers bursting to life throughout the open space areas of the project. A major tree pruning program to Redgums and particularly Tuarts has commenced and will continue in winter 2022. Many more Tuarts have now been inoculated with Phosphonic Acid and Medicap tablets to protect against ‘dieback’ (phytophthora cinnamomi) and that in combination with a lot of mulch around their bases has demonstrably improved their health.

Works have begun on the residential/private open space interface so that the project delivers a mature and healthy green vista from new homes on “move in” day rather than 12-24 months later like most other residential estates.

Homeowners Association and Community Facilities

Like with the landscaped areas we are working to deliver the projects significant community Homeowners Association infrastructure prior to the release of the residential lots.

To support the existing facilities including the fully equipped Men’s Shed and community garden which the project continues to improve and invest in, development approval has been granted to construct The Kilns storage shed facilities.

These storage sheds will feature a fully integrated solar network and will play a vital part in providing an in-perpetuity income for the future Homeowners Association.

The contract has been awarded and works have started on site, completion is expected to be in the third quarter of 2022.

Residential Lot development and release

The current project plan proposes delivering the entire project in 2 stages essentially split in half with the northern half being stage 1 and the southern half of the project forming stage 2.

Prior to a stage being offered to market it is intended that all the road and servicing infrastructure will be completed and fully landscaped. We are currently “growing on” street trees that we will transplant as mature stock into the road verges to ensure the projects landscape values are left high for streetscapes. We are also processing and storing large volumes of water retentive soils (topsoil plus clay, peat, organic fines) and mulches – all for landscaping during subdivision works.

It is currently planned that construction of the Stage 1 roads and servicing will start at the beginning of 2023, with the streetscapes being landscaped during the wetter months of winter 2023 and autumn of 2024. This is a delay of 1 year on what was previously planned but (regrettably) was unavoidable due to severe supply constraints (both labour and infrastructure supplies) due to COVID 19.

The 250 residential lots in Stage 1 (the quarry end of the project site) plus 4 Super lots adjacent to the quarry (around 130 lots) are expected to be essentially constructed and delivered by the end of 2023 with landscaping completed in early 2024. Stage 1 will include approximately 30 Rural bush lots of around 2000m².

A decision on the timing of pricing and release of residential lots will be made closer to the completion of the streetscapes but we are currently thinking around April/May 2024.

Thank you for your continued interest in this special project. We will keep you updated during 2022 with 6 monthly updates. As we have previously confirmed and we again re-confirm, those who have registered an interest formally with us will be given first preference.

Enjoy your festive season and time with your family.

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